Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work by Rev. Jorell Elie on Tattoosday

Trying to not to talk about the scarcity of posts back in August, we're expanding a little here, and sharing work by Rev. Jorell Elie.

I am told Elie "is an incredibly talented artist out of West Hollywood, CA, who happens to travel to Brooklyn, NY quite often (this month in fact)."

No arguments there. The photos were sent along to highlight the Rev.'s work.

Our readers are invited to check out the website here to see some of the bigger pieces that are works in progress.

Looks like the artist Rev. Jorell Elie works out of  The Honorable Society in West Hollywood, CA.

You can reach out to Elie at tattoosbyjorell@gmail.com, or follow him on Instagram @thejorell.

And, as mentioned earlier, you can check out more of this talented artist's work at www.jorellelie.com.

Thanks to Jenna Elie for sending these pictures along and alerting me to Rev. Elie's upcoming trip to New York.

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