Monday, August 18, 2008


Every time I see signs for Sierra Mist, I laugh. It is because "mist" in German slang means "[something] with terrible quality".

This person probably think his/er tattooed means "lotus", but that depends how it is read.

In Japanese, it means "burden".


I was showing a visiting friend parts of northern Arizona over the weekend, when we encountered this young lady at Sedona.

She probably has no clue what the three characters on her t-shirt meant, nor the fact there are mirrored.

Update: August 24, 2008 - Reader BH pointed out that Sinful is a brand of women apparel & this particular shirt is available for US$40.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Been A Bit Busy....

I've been a bit busier at the shop, and havent really had time to update this, so here, have some new stuff.

Have a rampaging turtle:

A simple reaper tattoo:

A winged sword...uh...thing:

This one was fun. I did it at the 4th annual Alamo City Tattoo expo 2008, on a fellow tattoo artist (although still aprenticing) Named Cale, from Oklahoma.

This guy came in wanting tribal. All he had was $500 to work with, so I told him to let me do something a bit different that he would like. When he said yes, I busted out the sharpies, and draw this on his ribs.

This was another drawn on with sharpie.