Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tattoosday: Five Years and Counting

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I'll be honest with you, Dear Readers, when I managed only six posts in August, despite a backlog of over fifty subjects, I feared the worst. The fact that I only had 1 (one) reader inquiry asking if everything was okay certainly deepened my concern.

You see, July 31, marked the fifth anniversary of this post, over on my original site, BillyBlog. That was 1997, and I had my most fruitful year as a blogger. Within six weeks, my idea to highlight someone's tattoo, be it a friend's or a stranger's, had exploded. I had more material than I expected, and I loved it.

So, on Saturday, September 8, 2007, after six Tuesday posts, I spun off Tattoosday into a stand alone entity. And BillyBlog hung around, and still exists, in theory, although I posted exactly three times in 2011 and three (so far) in 2012.

Five years for a blog is past middle aged for this type of media. For, you see, for every HuffPo or other serious, amazing, SUCCESSFUL blog, there are thousands that don't make a year, or two.

But here we are, five years old, celebrating our anniversary. And even though we officially first posted on July 31, 2007, I neglected to celebrate back then.

Like I mentioned earlier, last month was bleak. My job of fifteen years ended on August 31st and I was distracted by the closing of our company which was located across from Penn Station, where there was a prolific supply of tattooed commuters and tourists.

But September, which often marks the beginning of the end of summer, prime inkspotting season, brought me renewed faith in the site, and the desire to continue through this mid-blog-life crisis.

You will be seeing the standard sights from my fellow tattooed New Yorkers. My backlog, as is generally the case, stretches back several months. However, I will be expanding a bit in the format department, adding more news and media.

I've been documenting tattoos in New York City (and beyond) for five years. This is our 1317th entry into that little experiment I started way back in 1997 as a once-a-week feature.

I want to thank all of our readers and contributors for their support and participation in Tattoosday. Your existence, as subjects and fans, makes my life richer, and I am humbly appreciative of your existence.

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